Friday, January 13, 2012

Mack's first REAL christmas!

Last year mackennon had is first Christmas, but it was hooked up to oxygen at st marks nicu. so this year me and Cory decided to call this his frosty Christmas! this time was right during a big growth spurt so lots of sleeping!! we woke him up at 7 to do our little family Christmas which he was NOT a fan of! ( he woke up during that time at 930 when i woke him up) but one gift he gave himself that day was his first tooth!!! i didn't even know he was teething! he was never super fussy or snotty or poopy or drooly!!! we found out when he was taking a drink from a glass cup and we heard a *Ting Ting when he bit the cup!!!! that night we had a great night with him not waking up once to even fuss or sleep crawl!! but as for Santa he did get a good amount of gifts! but he just loved the paper the most and pulling ornaments off the tree and chewing on them. me and Cory felt this was one of the best Christmas we have spent together! yes we know and think Christ is the center of Christmas BUT this year through the Dave Ramsey financial peace university we had saved and put aside a nice amount of money for Christmas and we were able to buy more then 2 gifts! i got my beloved toms shoes and LOTS of boot socks! Cory got some nice clothes and his very wanted hunting back pack and walkie talkies! this Christmas felt so complete since we had mackennon home with us and we were able to start our own family traditions! sadly i don't think we got any pictures of Christmas!! it was a very busy few days and we missed some important pictures!!!

guess who is one!!

finally got into his cake

thank you aunt lisa for the cake

found his pumpkin

a year ago he wore this outfit... its amazing to see how much he's grown

So its time, i now have a toddler not a baby! and because i wanted him to grow up he did it all in a week! so i have learned he is very very cautious and it took him 11 months 3 weeks and 4 days before he turned 1 to start crawling! but once he got it he got it! he is very busy "crab" crawling around the house. it has been nice having him be more mobile so i can leave his sight and the world hasn't come to an end! BUT it has also been great cardio work out for me! i chase him all day and LOVE when he finally sleeps! But we have also found we have a "sleep crawler" many time we hear him fussing so we go in to check on him and he is crawling around in his crib asleep or he has sat himself up and is confused on what is going on! very very busy boy! but this year he got 2 birthday parties! because of how close his birthday is to Christmas i decided to have only family parties. The Hanson party we did on the 4. because my nephews are so busy with basketball and being 16 we combined Sunday dinner, gingerbread, and birthday all in one night! mack loved his cake once i let him know it was okay to get dirty. it took 3 days to get the blue frosting out of his nose!! then we had the tueller party on his actual birthday the 18! that night was kinda rough for him until he got ice cream and cake! still took him a minute to be okay with the dirty hands. the kid got lots of books and clothes which he has grown out of 90% of them!

Its hard to think that my little man went from 5lbs 5 oz preemie in the nicu to a tall skinny healthy boy! we also got his one year pictures taken and i will add them later!

Friday, November 11, 2011

my life needs to speed up and slow down

well since september a lot has happened that it feels like years ago that i posted but when i thnk about it not that much has really happened and time has gone slow...

Mackennon was finally able to get circumcised!! it was a rough few days but he did GREAT!!! even since then he has grow sooo much! he still can't crawl but he loves tummy time so i think we're just days away before he gets the hang of it. he does roll and pull himself to wherever he needs to be like to get his favorite book or toys. he has started to say a few words too! with his favorite book he will say "daydee" which means baby and then gives the book a kiss. he also LOVES his "daynkie" wich is balnkie! he can also say yay while clapping his hands! as for motor tricks he can roll his arms, he has to hit his mouth whenever he does it, and he can throw his arms above his head when we say "how big is mackennon? soooo big' its amazing to see how much he has grown in two months and i can't wait to see how much more he grows in two more months! his personality has started to come out more and more too. he is a funny kid and loves to make people smile and laugh. he still doesn't have any teeth but that makes for a fun bath time when he can launch a foam toy out of his mouth!

as for me i am doing a lot better i went to many dr after i passed out and my dizziness and headaches wouldn't stop. they ruled out anything in my brain and they also did an inner ear test and it wasn't a balance issue. the only thing they could think of was migraines. since then i haven't been dizzy and the headaches are starting to go away!

as for mr cory he has been working hard and being a great dad! i wish there was more to brag about him but everyday is almost the same with us. his birthday is on monday and i can't wait!! birthdays have been very big in my family and not so much in his, so i feel it is my duty to make up for all those years and i have been!

his gangster jammies before surgey
look at how low i can wear my pants

im ready for surgey with my slippers and all

the pumpkins all lit up

his sunday best

his carved pumpkin

he loves his dads glasses

him and some of his cousins on halloween

duck and hunter

nananananananananan batman!!!

family picture

mom can i eat this straw?!?!?

found his pumpkin!

this is mack doing all his tricks!

this is him shooting the foam toy out of his mouth. the video makes mroe sense

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remember, remember the 11th of September

So since i don't post much i thought i would post about 9/11 today...

It has been 10 years since i sat in my freshman history class and watched history happen.... A lot in my life has happened with many moments of not thinking about 9/11. this weekend the city of Sandy did an AMAZING! tribute to the fallen of 9/11.

In a patch of grass in downtown sandy they had put up 3031 flags for every person who lost their lives tat sad sad day. it was very overwhelming to see rows and rows of American flags

Cory and mack were reading a tag that is on every flag. the tag gave each flag a name, age, and brief story of the person it represents This is a tag on one flag. Many of these tags brought me to tears.

As part of the tribute they had a "fire ride' which was about1,000-1,500 motorcyclist riding from sandy to ogden with some fire engines in on the ride. again made me cry to see all those people coming together for thousands that they never knew...

the main part of the day was a ceremony to reveal this beautiful bronze statue which was named "hope rising" it was a wonderful statue

this was an enormous flag hanging in front of sandy city hall
As it has been 10 years and many things have happened i feel i am now more mature it has hit me how horrific, sad, etc. 9/11 was. i feel so lucky to have my family all with me and safe. i am more grateful for those who risk their lives everyday to keep me and my family safe and for those who lost loved ones on that horribly sad day... I'll never forget

Good bye summer.....

So again i am horrible at updating! but all i can say is this last month+ has been the craziest ever!

of course we had many family parties and get togethers.... well since the last post mack has turned 8 months and will be 9 months next sunday!!! i swear i just had him last month and he should still be my little new born baby! BUT i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this stage of his life!! he has blossomed with such a cute character! he hasn't hit any motor skills besides sitting up, but im no worried he was a premie and will be a little delayed and i am okay with that. he has grown lots! he now weighs about 18 lbs! just think in 9 months he has gained 13 lbs! and alomst grown 1.5 feet!

well me and mack got to go to sunny california again in august! this time we were helping throw a bridal shower for miss kendall and then her bachlorette party! it was super fun! mack is an amazing travler! not only does he have ever flight attendant wrapped around his finger but he ususally just sleeps during the flight. we then came home and had a fun boating trip with my family. this was the firat time mack had ever been boating and he did okay.... he realy didn't love the life vest but quickly fell asleep on the boat. i did take him on a nice ery slow tub ride with his cousins chase and carson and his aunt nikki. he didn't think that was fun. he didn't like the water splasing his face. then came labor day weekend! last year we started the fun tradition of going to downey idaho at DownAtA hot springs camping place. My father in law Travis saves all of his extra wire all year and we kids strip it down to the copper and recycle it for money, then that money goes to all the familys and pays for everything even our gas money going up and down!! it is such a fun weekend!! last year i was 6.5 months pregnant and i still loved it! this year it was a lot more fun! so at the place we rent out the "overflow" area and have a nice grassy field usually to ourselves so we play fun games and lounge around. then they "resort" has a bi hotspring pool. when they fill up the pool everynight it comes from the srping at 107 degrees and they then add cooler water depending on how warm it will be the next day. that weekend was a little cooler so the pool was like a perfect abth tub temp. mackennon LOVES LOVES LOVES water and when it was warm and he didn't get cold he was in heaven! they alos have fun adult slides that i got to go down this year and that was fun. one of the days we were there we went into pcatello to get some amazing mexican food that me and cory crave all year round. this time w brought all 21 of us into the tiny restaruant and took over the place. the owner came in to help with our big group. since getting home we have been getting everything ready for his sad little circumscision that he will FINALLY be getting this tuesday.

( for you who don't know, no we did not circumscise him when he was born because he was in the nicu, then since he came home on oxygen his peditrician wanted all of his enegery to go into getting off of oxygen and thought that the procedure would only set him back... plus he said if we waited until he was 6 months old they could put him under so he didn't feel anything and we would know if he was healthy enough to have surgery. yes since we have to go to a pediatric urologist it took us 3 months to get mack in!)

As for me since our fun cali trip i have been (again) having stupid medical problems. when i came home i got very very dizzy and losing my hair like i just had a baby. so i thought i was anemic adn started taking iron pills. well a week into that i passedout in my bathroom and decided to finally go to the dr. they took about half of my blood and did tons of tests. well everything came back "normal".... so now i am still dizzy, started getting headaches, losing my memory, and extremely fatigued.. so i get to go visit a nuerologist next week!! i am scared but trying to keep busy so i don't think about it all day long!

Mr cory is still plugging away at work and cant wait until october to finally have is vacations!


Mrs kendall after her bridal sower with her rehersal bouguetMack loving the boating tubeMack, Carson, Chase, Nikki, and I tubingCamping in downey helping dad blow up the air mattressHaving his favorite treat... a suckerHis bestfriend and cousin Bridger Ready to go home

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wow we have been busy!!

Well i thought it had only been like a week or two since my last post.. no try three!!! so again i will have lots of pictures and what not.

well mack got to celebrate his first 4th of July! and i think he liked it!! we spent Sunday night at Cory's grandparents house in our tents in their back yard. i was scared mack would be too hot or too cold or not sleep and keep everyone up. well not at all.. he slept like a champ and a few cousins woke up before he did!!! we then got ready for the day and went to the annual Murray parade! he did sleep through about 20 min of it but he didn't miss much! then that night we all hangout in the grandparents front yard and watch the Murray park fireworks! but mack slept through it all, even the loud booms!

Cory and mack at the parade

eating a creamcicle to cool off

waiting for it to get dark for the fireworks

mack has also turned 7 months old. my little baby has grown up so fast!! makes me sad but i LOVE LOVE LOVE this stage of his life. he has learned how to sit up all by himself, and plays with toys all the time. it gives me a nice break to do the dishes or clean up around him. I'm finding that cleaning up only happens at night and by noon the next day the house looks like i didn't touch it! oh well! mack has also started to reach for people and act "shy"... that part i love cause he snuggles into me!

well the 24 of July came and went this last weekend. and for any of you non utardians that means nothing!!! but here in the land of "Zion" it is the celebration of the year! its the most random state holiday that everyone takes so seriously. every year i am grateful to have a reason to take work off and to hang out with family and friends and see more fireworks but i giggle at the fact we are celebrating the pioneers coming to Utah and settling the state of Utah. growing up we never had Idaho day.. i don't even think we learned when Idaho became a state!!!

well this year pioneer day was on Sunday and being a Mormon holiday it was celebrated on Saturday and Monday! so Saturday we did what we did last year and will do from years to come, we went to a salt lake bee's baseball game with our friends and their little girl and new little guy. after the game they have AMAZING fireworks that are better then the 4th. kinda sad but worth watching! we were scared mack wold scream and hate them, but of course he is like his dad and watched them with the biggest eyes. it was also 1130 at night wayyyy past his bed time. but of course he HATES when people cheer. he cried during the whole game but loved the loudest part of the night. then Sunday we went to grandma moss house to celebrate all the July birthdays. then Monday Cory had to work, (hp does not see pioneer day as important) so my sister Nikki, kayleen, melissa and i plus all the kids went on that same hike to the pretty waterfall. the youngest was 3 and they did great on the hike, then after we found some random school and had a picnic. that night we decided to go to the days of 47 rodeo.... BAD BAD BAD idea!!! Mack thought it was too loud and too much cheering. he screamed the whole time and we left early. the minute we got to our car he was all smiles.. naughty!

mack at his first bee's game!!! his look makes me think he was thinking " this is a HUGE bug!"

As for me and Cory nothing too new. Cory's company he works for was bought out by hp and he became an official hp employee. with that we got a nice new laptop and a tiny tiny raise!!!! but with all the meetings and signing up for new benefits and 401k he has gotten a good amount of overtime! yay for us! well here are some pictures and video since our last post!

the boys in their matching "A-Team" softball jerseys

this is mack dieing laughing at his toy elephant

Saturday, July 2, 2011


So this post is going to have lots of pictures and a video!! i finally got most of our pics up on the computer and off our phones!! this last week and a few days has been busy! last Saturday Cory took me and Mack on a fun little hike ! once we made it to the top we found an amazing waterfall and we took family pictures! then on Tuesday Mack went to his six month appointment! the little guy isn't so little! he now weighs 15.8 lbs!!!! he's also 27 inches long! from his 4 month to his 6 month his weight went from the 9% to the 25%!!!! and his length went from the 25% to the 75%!!! putting him on rice and baby food has sure made the difference! now for the pictures!!!

This is mack laughing one night while i made faces at him,...

This is Cory and mack on our way up to the trail head!
me and mack on a tree limb
Cory and mack on the tree
you can kinda see the waterfall behind us
our family picture in front of the waterfall!!! it's amazing how 20 min from our house there is the beautiful waterfall!
just the waterfall
the view from our hike.... it's been a while since just me and Cory took a picture togetherthe man cave!!!
once a week me and mack try to go take a picnic with Cory in a park by the university of Utah. the kid sure loves his mt dew just like his dad! he really really really loved those peach O's as well

this was at his cousins pirate birthday party!!!

my favorite picture in the whole wide world!!!!!!

so this has been our week and i am trying more and more to take pictures and upload!!!