Friday, November 11, 2011

my life needs to speed up and slow down

well since september a lot has happened that it feels like years ago that i posted but when i thnk about it not that much has really happened and time has gone slow...

Mackennon was finally able to get circumcised!! it was a rough few days but he did GREAT!!! even since then he has grow sooo much! he still can't crawl but he loves tummy time so i think we're just days away before he gets the hang of it. he does roll and pull himself to wherever he needs to be like to get his favorite book or toys. he has started to say a few words too! with his favorite book he will say "daydee" which means baby and then gives the book a kiss. he also LOVES his "daynkie" wich is balnkie! he can also say yay while clapping his hands! as for motor tricks he can roll his arms, he has to hit his mouth whenever he does it, and he can throw his arms above his head when we say "how big is mackennon? soooo big' its amazing to see how much he has grown in two months and i can't wait to see how much more he grows in two more months! his personality has started to come out more and more too. he is a funny kid and loves to make people smile and laugh. he still doesn't have any teeth but that makes for a fun bath time when he can launch a foam toy out of his mouth!

as for me i am doing a lot better i went to many dr after i passed out and my dizziness and headaches wouldn't stop. they ruled out anything in my brain and they also did an inner ear test and it wasn't a balance issue. the only thing they could think of was migraines. since then i haven't been dizzy and the headaches are starting to go away!

as for mr cory he has been working hard and being a great dad! i wish there was more to brag about him but everyday is almost the same with us. his birthday is on monday and i can't wait!! birthdays have been very big in my family and not so much in his, so i feel it is my duty to make up for all those years and i have been!

his gangster jammies before surgey
look at how low i can wear my pants

im ready for surgey with my slippers and all

the pumpkins all lit up

his sunday best

his carved pumpkin

he loves his dads glasses

him and some of his cousins on halloween

duck and hunter

nananananananananan batman!!!

family picture

mom can i eat this straw?!?!?

found his pumpkin!

this is mack doing all his tricks!

this is him shooting the foam toy out of his mouth. the video makes mroe sense


Nicole Thurgood said...

How fun it is to see your little man getting so big! You look beautiful in your family pic too. Can't wait to meet Mr. Mackennon someday!

Shelby said...

I love it!!! I miss you and the Mackster. Lets get together soon!