Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rollin' on the river

This week has been so full of things to talk about, but knowing me I know I will forget most of them!
Mack: This kid is getting very big. today he had a weight check at the Dr's to see how well he is doing on his new formula. well hes 10 pounds .5 oz!!! My dad said he was a good for nothing until he hit 10 pounds and he did it! the Dr was very impressed and happy with his progress. another HUGE thing mack did this week was roll from his belly to his back! on Friday night Cory thought it would be a good thing to put him on his belly to see how well he does just hanging out and within 30 sec mack rolled over so Cory thought it was a fluke and put him back on his belly, well the kid rolled over again and i got to see it. so of course just to make sure it was legit we had him do it a third time! that time we got in on Cory's phone. then on Saturday i thought i would see if he would do it again and sure enough he did it again that day 3 times!!! here's a video that i have of him rolling over!

Steph: with all of mackennons achievements it has kept me happy during some hard times. this last week i went to my obgyn and had them look at my breasts. well they then sent me to a breast surgeon... yeah not the news i wanted. well i went and met with her yesterday and i now get to go have an ultrasound on Thursday morning. Depending on what they see in the ultrasound means if i have surgery or not. because i still will have more kids she didn't want to go in and preform surgery and me not be able to nurse unless i for surely 100% have a papiloma. she said that with future kids this problem could happen again and its my decision to nurse them or not. she said it would be wise to nurse them but if i bleed again i would need to stop just like this last time. so there is a part of me that really wants the surgery so i can nurse with out any problems with my next child but again surgery is surgery and its not fun especially with a baby.

if i do have to have surgery what will happen is i get an ultrasound and they numb the area and hook a wire into the tissue mass. then i go into surgery and they put me to sleep were the surgeon goes in and makes an incision and then pulls out the milk duct and tissue with the wire. it sounds really nasty but she said it wasn't too bad and that after time to let things heal i will be able to nurse again!

Cory: I feel bad this kid hasn't had too much going on besides taking care of emotional me and cute mack! it is starting to become testing season for firefighting and he will be starting school next month so hopefully he'll have some more exciting things to share!

I hope everyone feels up to date!! again this next week should be full of answers (hopefully) and potential stress or relief!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Looking at the brightside!

This last week has gone by so fast! I almost forgot to post today because I couldn't believe it was Tuesday already!
Mackennon: This last week has been a little crazy! Because of some bleeding issues (which I will address later) we got to go for a weight check at the Dr's office. He weighed 9 pounds 8 ounces! He's getting so big! BUT not big enough. He had only gained about 3 oz in two weeks and his Dr was not happy with that! So he got put on nutramigen... yes the $21 formula! I guess I must have stated how bad I didn't want my baby on formula too much because he is and its the most expensive out there. Luckily he has an AMAZING pediatrician and he gave me 3 sample containers and when we go back for another weight check next Tuesday he said he would give me more! He's such a great Dr. Then Mack went on his first road trip to Pocatello Idaho!! and he did GREAT! The poor thing was in his car seat for most of Saturday but you wouldn't have known. Then on Sunday we made the forever long back roads drive to a tiny tiny tiny town called Arbon Valley! His little (well bigger then him but younger) friend Hal was being blessed! It was so fun to see Shancy and Kade, also their crazy 2 yr old Zane, who kept telling me and Cory to stop touching "his Hal!"

Me and Shancy..................................................BEFORE...............................................
Mackennon and Hal..................................AFTER!.........................................................................

Steph and Cory: well for poor Cory nothing too exciting has happened besides work and scouts, but of course as for me more and more is happening. Since the last post we thought I was having nursing problems from my nipples. well I went on every yeast treatment I could get on. nystatin, gentiviolet, hydrocortozone, and neosporin! I thought it was working until Wednesday morning, mack slept through the night and woke up at 730. So I nursed him and it started to hurt a little, it had hurt worse before with no blood, so I thought nothing of it. As I was changing his diaper and clothes that's when I realized he had only drank blood and no milk. The poor kid kept spiting up clots through his cute smiles! At that moment I stopped nursing and he went on a bottle that day. Finally at 330 I decided to pump. Well it was only to have blood coming out of my milk ducts! Needless to say I'm going to the Dr tomorrow to get things checked out. From the few people I have spoken with they think I have intraductal papilomas. Basically is a benign tumor inside my milk ducts. They do have to be surgically removed but they aren't life threatening. I am scared because of course it could be worse, and in my family we're never "normal", but we wont know until I get an ultrasound done. So now I am 100% done nursing which makes me very very sad. I loved that bonding with Mack and I know he will miss it too. But I have to look at the bright side and now feeding time can happen ANYWHERE! I can eat dairy and eggs again. I can also have PEPSI!!! It gives Cory and my mooter in law and mom some special bonding time with him when we go visit! It also means I don't have to occupy a massage room at work to pump! It also means I will finally (hopefully) get my bald fat baby!! As the week goes on I will learn more and more about whats going on with my body and future nursing.. so check in next week to see what else my body wants to do to me!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tueller tuesdays!

so my friend has a blog and she does thurgood Thursdays and i thought i should totally steal her idea and update every Tuesday!! so thank you Nicole for your awesome idea that i am now stealing!!

Mack: This week was a crazy busy week for mack. it was also a little tough on him. (THIS PART MIGHT BE TMI FOR SOME OF YOU). i had decided to take away my nipple shield and try the good old fashion nursing.... well needless to say mack got strawberry and cherry milk. yes it had lots of blood. so my poor little guy was spiting up blood with a smile on his face. i was able to go to a lactation specialist on Tuesday and she helped a lot but the bleeding and pain kept coming. by Saturday my poor baby was spiting up blood clots. at that moment i stopped nursing and we went to a formula bottle. it wasn't until Monday afternoon i tried nursing again and it was a blood free pain free crying event!!
the other huge event in macks life was his blessing. it was a packed house. our ward had 2 baby blessings and a mission far well. there were people to the stage! Cory did an amazing job on macks blessing and yes i cried! it was so touching to see 18+ men circling my baby! it was a tight circle and kinda miss shaped but we got everyone in!
Steph- this week was rough on me for the same reasons as mack. on that Tuesday he also got his shots.... but he did great!
that Friday the whole tueller family got to go to desert star! it was a fun break from a crazy day. first off mack had a rough night so i had a rough night. i was then woken up to a phone call from my dad that my mom was in a car accident and was in the hospital. shes okay just has a really banged up right side and hurt wrist and pinkie finger. she was also my babysitter for that night so i got to call around to find someone. luckily my nephew was done with basketball and my sister took him for the night. we ended up staying over there after the play till almost one! we love their family!
Cory- his week consists of lots of work and scouts. he was supposed to go on a camp out this last weekend but because of macks blessing he stayed home to help me get ready for the shindig. we also got to go hang out with some friends from Idaho and spend time with their 2 sons. they also just had a little boy who is 5 weeks younger then mack and hes two times the size!! it was fun to see them.