Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not really Tueller Tuesday...

Well i found time in my crazy schedule so i thought i would post something! i know its not Tuesday but Thursday is close enough!!! Sorry Nicole for taking your day!
Well since last week and deleting my facebook i have found i am more bored then usual, so to make up on time i have decided to start making my own baby food..... I NEED HELP!!! i made some peas because those are macks favorite but the poor kid can't handle my homemade peas. his tummy does great with the Gerber ones but not my peas. he still is a happy baby and doesn't seem in pain he just spits up a lot more! so we moved back to pears and i bought some more Gerber food until i can figure out this whole making food bit! this last week mack turned 6 months!! he has also started to sit up more and more on his own. he even thinks during a diaper change is the best time to sit up.... if any of you are on facebook and "like" the Gerber page i have signed mack up for there photo contest!!! his # is doesn't start until July 5!! so mark your calenders!! (this picture was taken by Kendall while visiting her in California)

as for me i have just been staying busy with mack and going to work my 2 days a week! nothing too new or exciting has happened. i might be starting to go to a zumba class!!! we'll see with my schedule!

Cory has had a big change! HE'S DONE WITH SCHOOL!!!! well not forever but for a little while!!! and i love having him home on Tuesdays and Thursdays now! those days always feel like a Friday now! he also had his first fathers day! but of course i got him sick so he spent a lot of his fathers day in bed resting or at the doctors making sure he didn't have strep! poor guy! but that night we went to his grandparents house with the WHOLE family and opened gifts there! not to boast but i did get him the best gift there!!! since we registered for our wedding he has talked about this toaster that makes an egg mcmuffin! so after 4 years i FINALLY remembered and i got it for him!so far i have used it everyday and love it!!! he has used it cheesy as it sounds it is the best appliance i have ever purchased!!! love it!!!

we are so grateful to be a family and to have been able to spend fathers day together!! check in next week for more updates!! (should be on Tuesday!!)

Monday, June 13, 2011

big update!

so as some of you know I did decide to delete my facebook account. it was starting to take over my life... i couldn't go more then an hour without checking it or doing something on it. it also started to hurt me and Cory. instead of being with him talking to him or anything i was on fb. i was not healthy at all... so after swallowing my pride i did it! i am social network free!!!!still feels a little strange but maybe 'll put more time into my blog and keeping everyone updated this way! now if you really want to keep in touch and you don't have my phone number PLEASE add Cory as a friend on facebook! we might make it a family facebook account.