Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mackennons photo shoot

here are some of mackennons photos by kim

here are the amazing pictures kim did for us!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The joys of motherhood!

This is macks double chin. he is finally putting on the pounds! he went from 6 lbs 6 oz to 7 lbs in one week! his Dr is very impressed!
one of macks classic faces he pulls daily

my favorite outfit, so far, that fits him. Every time he wears this he ALWAYS pees out of his diaper...

this is macks cousin Caleb. they are only 5 months apart but have a huge weight and height difference!!

his dead to the world food coma

peace out!!! i caught his little hand just in time!

he LOVES LOVES LOVES the bath!!!! he cries when we take him out!

hungry hungry caterpillar outfit!

i love this hate, but mack has now decided he HATES hats

better vie of the hat.
So since my last post Mackennon has come home! we brought him home on oxygen and a pulse-ox monitor. We have come to HATE the monitor. it beeps at any movement mack makes. its really annoying in the middle of the night when it is going off because the sensor isn't reading! As of this last week, we have taken Mack off of the oxygen during the day. He is still sating at 98-100!! Tonight is our first night that we will be trying no oxygen!! I have a feeling his monitor will be keeping us up more then him!
We are also able to finally breastfeed 100% when he came home we had to bottle feed because we had to add extra calories to my breast milk to pork him up. when he gained a pound since birth in 2 weeks and then went from 6.6 to 7 lbs in one week, his Dr gave him the okay to breastfeed 100%. This hasn't been the easiest thing we've ever done!! He really hates how hard he has to work to get his food now. So there are sometimes that we give him a bottle to make sure hes eating enough. it also gives Cory some bonding time during a feeding!
So far the sleepless nights haven't been too bad and i a able to nap with him! i am going back to work on Feb 2 and I'm excited and nervous! i know Cory will do great with him at night but I'm scared to leave him. i don't think I'll cry thankfully! i also have to thank my mom and mother in law who are going to watch him for a few hrs while me and Cory are at work. they are saving us big money to not have to put him in day care!!! plus they are saving him form getting sick at day care!
I am so grateful to be a mom and have the opportunity to stay home with him most of the time. it is also nice to know i don't' HAVE to work. it will just be a nice added paycheck and some grown up time for me! plus i love my clients and couldn't' leave some of them high and dry!!