Sunday, October 4, 2009

longest post ever

So i know i offically suck at the blog thing. I have decided i am like 5 years behind on anything internet. i just learned how to KINDA work facebook and i have it since my freshamn year of college!
Sice georgia a lot has happend.
In june i was blessed to find out my crazy mouth(for those who know my teeth battle) had made an osteoma. in real word terms i had a bone spur on my upper jaw that was erupting above one of my second front teeth. my mom put bets on a third tooth but was very wrong. i went to the dentist on a tuesday and was in surgery that friday! I was so heavly sedated that i guess after my surgery i asked cory to take me to work so i could give them a doctors note. the very next moring i woke up at about 730 asking cory again to take to me to work (which was a resturant) right then and there so i could appoligize for not showing up for my shift the night before. he then had to explain that i already went and spent about 20 min talking and showing EVERYONE what had happend. i also then foundout a fwe days later that while i was left in the car alone i took pretty pictures of my mouth and swollen face and sent it to my friends! Im so sorry if you recieved that random picture from me.
Then on July 18 i finally graduated from school! it was the best day ever! i then started work at Sanctuary day spa and salon - south towne about a week later. The hardest part was taking my practical state exams. it was supposed to be me and another girl but she never showed up. so i had two examiners matching my every move. i have never doubted myslef like i did that say. needless to say i passed that exam and my written!
August came and went very fast. My best friend since i was born moved down the street from me and had her baby!! it was the best. it has been so nice to be able to reconnect with her and her family.
September also went by very fast. at the salon we did a hair show where i started out one of the stylist and then ended up a model! we had two shows at the what women want expo on friday and saturday. it was a fun show and my manager mandi did a great job for it being her first. then my sister in law, stephanie, had her second baby! bridger. he is the cuttest peanut i have ever seen!! when i see him i just hold him for hours and pray he falls asleep on me!
then comes october! we just moved into a new place and im still unpacking. we moved on tuesday adn cory left for elk hunting in thursday! so needless to say i haven't been home or cleared too many boxes. I also started my own business. It's called Bloomin' Hair. i make headband and hair clips for babies to adults with unique flowers! im really excited about it and i already have potential clients in south korea! thanks to my sister! i should have a website up and runing in the next few weeks.
that brings me up to date!!!