Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I still don't know why it wont let move the pictures but the story is in the middle of his pics!

mackennon tanning with his cool sunglasses!

one proud happy daddy

i love my Binky!!

hi mommy!!!

one of the many cute faces he makes at us!!!

On Saturday DEC 18 2010, Mr Mackennon decided it was time to join our little family!

Labor went very fast and very easy. it truly started the night before but i thought it was just false labor and went to bed. the next day i had to get a non stress test in the labor and delivery area. I was very upset that day because i was sick of my strict left side bed rest and i knew that they were going to just send me home. So when i went in i wasn't the nicest patient!! as they were monitoring me and mack the nurse kept asking me about my contractions. i told her they were braxton hicks and i was only having them one every 10-15 min. well i guess on the monitor i was having them every 5-7. so after being sent home ( like i knew they would) Cory let me stay out a little later then i was supposed to and took me to get my favorite lunch at five guys! we got home at 12:30. by 1:15 i started to feel my contractions more but thought it was just cause of the greasy burger i ate. by 1:45 i was calling my mom to tell her to come over because my contractions were 1.5 min apart and i was getting in the bath to see if that helped. 20 min later my contractions had become more intense. My mom got there about the same time and after getting me out of the tub decided it was time to go to the hospital. When i got to the hospital i was dilated to a 4 and my contractions were 1 min apart. at that point the Dr on call had spoken to my Dr and wanted me to get an epidural because my blood pressure was too high. when i got my epidural i was at a 6 and was thankful! i was sad i didn't go all natural but i needed to do what was best for me and my baby. i then waited another maybe 3 hours and it was time to push!!

the Dr wasn't in the room yet but the nurse wanted me to "practice" push to make sure i knew what i was doing. well needless to say 11 min later with a frantic Dr running and barley getting gloves on mackennon was here! no one knew how well i could push, not even me!

because he was delivered so fast the cord was around his neck and was too tight. the Dr had to cut the cord while on his neck. the poor little guy wasn't breathing but he had angles that night, his nurse knew what to do and fast! after some resesitation she got him breathing in about 2 min. He weighed 5 lbs 6 oz and was 18 in long!!

because of his traumatic birth mackennon is currently in the nicu. He has been a champ. in less then 24 hours he was on and then taken off oxygen, he slowed his rapid breathing down and was able to breast feed and within 48 hours he was off iv fluids and was eating like a champ. he does/did have a little infection so he is still on antibiotics and because of he wasn't able to get the cord blood he has become jaundice. hes on lights right now but is doing great!!! he has already started gaining weight and is just as good as ever. technically his 7 day antibiotics are up at 3:11 am on Sunday BUT they MIGHT let him come home on Christmas depending on how nice his neonatoligist is!

we couldn't be happier for our new addition and his amazing progress! for anyone who knew before and kept him and us in your prayers, THANK YOU!!! i know that those prayers are why he is doing so great!

Cory and i got bored waiting in the hospital room in between feedings!

yep still bored!!!

this is my stud mackennon in his lady killer poise

little tired but healthy!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another post!

So I didn't realize how long it had been since my last post! well as you can tell from the previous post we are having a little boy! which seems to be the only things the tuellers can have and my parents are glad to add their 10th grandson to the mix! well I finally stopped the morning sickness at about 23-28 weeks I cant remember now! I also found out that eating eggs was a BAD BAD idea! with in 2-3 bites I become violently ill... so i have missed my morning goodness and the random IHOP days with grandma!

Speaking of grandma, she had another nasty fall this summer and now me and Cory live in her basement that she made into a beautiful apartment for us! she has let us paint whatever we want and make it more of a home then an apartment. we were scared of the "east side" ward up here but we now are scared of the day we might have to move away from the ward! It is still hard for me to be a fellow member of a ward with Richard G Scott! but when we spoke in church on Halloween he was super nice and introduced himself to us! still think he can see into my soul and knows all my wrong doings but he now is becoming more of an everyday man to me... kinda! He is an amazing addition to our ward though! We also have Cory's brothers mission president in our ward! that's been fun having a little connection with them! our ward is also very very excited for mackennon to join the ward. there aren't too many kids in our primary or nursery so anyone new under the age of 55 is a little celebrity! so moving in with a baby on the way has made it fun for us! i already have so many relief society women wanting to be the first to help me when hes born! I just tell them they can fight over that role amongst themselves!

Me and Cory also took the Dave Ramsey financial peace university classes that started in September. We graduate this Saturday and are loving the classes! It took us a while to start practicing what we were taught but since we have our lives have been less stress full even with the layoff! if you have to chance to take theses classes in your area DO IT!!! they are not get rich classes but how to get out of debt and stay out of debt! usually are sponsored or happen at a local church and you can go to the Dave Ramsey website to find a class by you!

Well for newest news, today at work i was with a client and was cutting her hair when i thought my water broke! so i called my mom and the Dr. they both thought it would be the best to go check into labor and delivery. my contractions started about every 20 min apart. by the time i got to the hospital and checked in i was contracting every 10 min. they then did a swab test to see if my water truly broke and then checked to see if i was dilating. well from the day before at the Dr's i dilated to a 1.5 and was now 80% effaced. I reallllllly thought I was going to be staying and having a baby! but in my excitement my contractions stopped and the test came back negative.... so i was sent home! Which is good because i am only 36 weeks and he does need more cooking time!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Since this summer!

Me my mom her friend max and max's daughter who is my friend hailey!
Me and Shancy! we're 4 weeks apart guess whos due first?!?!?! I was 32 weeks here

The cake balls we made for my baby shower. Duckies, babies, and balls!

This duckie cracked his head and was crying! So I ate him right up!

Dont ask me why the pictures are first!!! Im still trying to figure this blogging thing out!

So I kind of fell back into my old routine of not blogging but it wasn't because I didn't want to! Our computer broke and we had to get a new one which wasn't too high on our priority list!! But now we have a working one and I'm back!

I'm now 36 weeks pregnant and done!! I know I could have up to 4 weeks left but between the holidays and preclampsia my Dr doesn't think I'm going over! Mackennon is cooking great hes an active little guy! His new favorite thing is to wedge his back to the furtherest right he can and then out of my discomfort I try rubbing him to the left, well he really likes when I do that and its like a little back rub for him! He is soooo much like me and loving back rubs! Now whenever he does it I just put lotion on and rub his back through my tummy. He also gets the hiccups whenever I eat, but not breakfast just lunch and dinner! Its cute for the first minute then after 5 I feel bad for him!! As of today I am dilated to a 1 and 60% effaced!! Which is nice to know I'm starting all on my own.

As for me and Cory we are doing great. Because of other health issues I was put on a work restriction and cut my hours. Cory then took it upon himself to get a part time job at the air port working for a company called Million Air. I'm so glad that he loves it too!! He is at work for 430 am to 730 am wed-sun. Whenever you fly and you see those guys outside running around with bags and hoses... well that's what he does! This part time job came in handy too when he was laid off from his full time electrical job about a week before thanksgiving.

Since then, through a client of mine he was able to get an AMAZING job at Printelligent! It has been a blessing beyond blessings! we truly feel the lord was there the whole way through and his hand was in a lot of it. What he now will be doing is servicing (fixing, replacing,etc.) printers that were sold through Printelligent. Lucky the company is only growing and this is going to be a very stable job!

With the little time off Cory had we were able to get Mackennons room and everything ready for his arrival! I was going to post pictures of his room and I went to vacuum and then take pictures when I broke his closet and pulled everything out of the wall!!! ON ACCIDENT!!! so as of right now his room is back to being under construction till this weekend! So pictures will be coming shortly!

During this season we have been more grateful then we ever thought we could be. Between amazing friends and family and of course the lord! We thank everyone who prayed for us or did anything they could to help us out!! You truly are amazing people and I know your efforts will not go unnoticed or blessed!!!