Friday, July 16, 2010

Update in the same month!

So I have now updated twice in one month!! Im so proud of myself! Next step pictures!

Well since last post i am now 15 weeks along and having "issues". i went to my dr and told her of what i was experiencing since my last visit. well i must have said the magical word! becasue i got to pee for them 2 times and i get to visit her every 2 weeks not 4!! What is going on is that my kidneys have decided to hurt me. I guess it runs in the family and is pretty serious! the only nice thing is that the baby is doing great and its just me who isn't. My dr also said it was most likely the reason for the intense and often proclein god praying sessions!! they gave me some magical pill called zofron and i LOVE it!! at my next appoinmet we are going to schedule my ultra sound to find out what we're having! so im hoping only like 3 weeks. and i did feel the baby move the other day and it scared me to death! if any of you know me i WiLL not touch a pregnant ladies belly or want to feel the baby kick! so to have no control over the feeling of it kinda isn't settling well with me!

As of our other life we have been very busy. Corys little brother got married and that was a party. the family is now in texas this weekend for her reception aka 2 day long fiesta! sad to miss it but not sad to miss the heat there! we also got hanson family pictures taken! i felt bad for our photographer kim who had to deal with 22 people and 13 of them being kids! she did great though! the pictures turned out wonderful! here are some of the pictures of just me and cory. i look fat but i promise im pregnant!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Well as I have been told by some creepy stalkers ( you know who you are) I am finally giving this thing an update!
So here's the big news since last time.....I'M PREGNANT!!!!! i am 13 weeks along and not loving it yet! this nugget has decided it is best for me to be bulimic. I only throw up after a good meal! I get so mad, waste of good food and money! I thought i learned all the tricks to stopping that but this baby likes to be in control and let me know whos boss!
back in june i had my first dr. appoinment and was able to hear the heart beat, but not till we had to find it through and ultrasound. my dr said i have a very tilted uterus and that it will be difficult to find the babies heart beat and what not. that also means i will start showing later then most and feel the baby later... :( but if in the end i dont have stretch marks it will be worth it!
Another fun this that has happened is that me and cory moved AGAIN!!! this time we don't have a lease so we should stay for a while! oh and Free rent also helps! No we did not move in with any parents. My dear grandma keeps falling and having medical problems so the family built us a BEAUTIFUL basement apartment and in exchange we help her when she needs it or pick her up if she falls down!they gave us Granite counter tops and all! we were also allowed to paint and do what we would like. so when we find out the gender of our small one we will paint its room too!
This summer has started late and is going by way to fast. we have already taken our big trip for the year! we went to Lake Powell for a week with the WHOLE tueller family! that was a fun get away and this year i didn't get any injuries becasue i couldn't do anything!
Since it is the first week of july this month is going to go fast. first its the 4th of july weekend wich means camping in backyards and lots and lots of family. it is also when my brother in laws fiance is going through the temple! then next friday they are getting married! and when all that is said and done july will be half over!
secretly im very excited for summer to be almost over becasue then i will be about 20 weeks and we can find our the gender of our baby!! well i will try to post pictures but im not very good at it nor do i have many pictures!