Sunday, March 7, 2010

corys school

cory pulling the hose out of the truck
watching the van on fire

getting ready for the water to come

spraying the fire

analysing the fire....

so here are some pictures of Cory and his class working on car fires!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I'm horrible at updating... don't judge!

SO!! Its has been a while since I have had time to sit down and update! A lot has happened since October or whenever my last blog was! Since October not too much has happened with me but lots have happened with Cory!
But first I will go back to October 5 and work my way to march!
after Cory's elk hunt and little killed there we started the unpacking and cleaning. We love our new place and all the friends we have made there. nothing too special happened in October. in November we are able to celebrate Cory's birdday!!! this year he turned 25 and i thought that that was a good mile stone so i magically got all his friends together for a surprise birthday dinner! i was so proud of myself for being able to keep that a secret. i am horrible at staying quite! but i did it and even made a cake without him knowing! we then had thanksgiving! this year it was at my parents house for dinner and then in laws for dessert. dinner was entertaining because my 102 yr old grandma was there and was so confused! every five min she would loudly say" your are we related?" then for the next 3-5 min we would have to explain ourselves to her! she is a hoot to be around. for her age she is still very funny and has a good attitude. then came on the holidays! not too much happened at the beginning of December minus Cory starting school! Cory was able to start at the west valley fire academy December 4. that first month was a prereq class and was hard. that was the first time in that schools history that they had that class so i was defiantly a trial and error time! then Christmas came! two days before (dec 23) my dad went in for another heart procedure. we all mentally got ready to hear he had to have another bi pass! but it turned out to be a Christmas miracle and he only had to have stints put in! he felt so much better on Christmas eve that our family tradition of Chinese food and a movie still happened! then Christmas morning came and me and Cory had our own little Christmas before the family time started! we then spent the morning with Cory's family and then the afternoon evening with mine. we got spoiled this year.... it pays not to have kids yet! that night my dad was doing sooo much better he took us all out to See avatar in 3d. it was a great movie and a good ending to Christmas! then came our anniversary! both me and Cory had to work on the 29 so we celebrated it on the 30. i had just recently gotten over a nasty cold but i was determined to go snowboarding at snow bird that day anyways! the ride was amazing! it was snowing like crazy all day and i don't know how many times i got stuck in some deep deep powder! that night we decided chuck o rama seemed romantic enough for dinner! the whole time i was eating i could never warm up and my body started to hurt extremely bad! that night i jumped in the bath and still couldn't warm up and my aches got worse and worse. so finally i got on sweats and added 5 more blankets to bed..... needless to say i ended our anniversary with a fever of 101 and miserable! the next day i went to the doc in the box because swine flu was going around the salon. the guy was soooooo dumb. they tested me for swine flu and said the results would be back in 10. 7 min after testing i was diagnosed and out the door for a sinus infection..... only later talking to my nurse friends did i find out that only the state can test and it takes 24-48 hours before they can diagnose you. so i then rang in the new year passed out on my brother in laws bed with another fever of 101. my poor husband! then came January and Cory started the actual fire science school! i think i was more nervous and giddy then he was for his first day of school! the only other big thing to happen in January is that we have decided to start trying to have a baby!!! February came in went just as fast as the last months! Cory was doing really well in school! he was named company captain in his class and has been kinda like a teachers pet. he is the first to jump out of a window head first onto a ladder( didn't tell me about this till after he did it!) and the first to repel out of a window with only a rope!! he also has been moved around to other companies to help get them on track! his teachers love him and we're hoping he will get asked to come back as a intern next semester! and now for the first of march!!!! this is when i have fun news! as i was talking to another manger at work and i was offered a job at the new Aveda Institute in Provo!!!! i will be ( as they call me) the retail guru! i will be in charge of helping clients and students with all their product needs and i will be in charge of helping the students know what to use and "purescribe" to their clients! i am so ecstatic about the new job! i will still be doing hair and this new job! so this is our lives up to date to the best of my knowledge! i am making it a goal to try to post more often and with more pictures!!