Sunday, January 18, 2009

Long Time

So I haven't updated for a while! Sorry about that! Since Dec A LOT has happened. one big one was christmas! that was a fun time!! we drove over 150 miles just with in the salt lake valley!! now that shows we love our families! The tuellers got a call from jeremy and that took most of the day to get EVERYONE to talk to him. I actually talked to him more then just 30 sec like last year! he is up in minnasota and is starting to sound like it! though i don't really know what he sounded like before seeing is how we have yet to meet!! then New Years came and went.. we where supposed to go to family then friends then family again and we got stuck at my sisters house playing rock band!! some of my nephews sure sang beautifuly!! NOT but they tried. my mom even got in there and tried to play!
As of the 10 of Jan we now live in Herriman! we moved into a nice bigger home! We love it! the only bad thing is we can be in different rooms and we have to get up to talk to one another! today we unpacked one of the last boxes! it felt great!
Yesterday I finished ANOTHER hair competition! I find out if im going to Long Beach CA on the 23 or 26 i don't remeber. If i place top 10 then i get to go. when i have a chance i REALLY want to put up the before and afters!