Saturday, March 28, 2009


So as a lot of friends know i was able to spend 8 days in Georgia and Florida with my sister and Mom. My sisters husband is diployed to Korea right now so we came down to hang out with her and help her with her kids. Her step son Sean was even able to fly from Boise to Georgia with me and my mom. The day after we all got her that evening we set out to drive to Orlando to go to Disney World and Sea World. That night we decided it was safer to stop in Tybee beach for the night then try to get to Orlando the next day. The next day we spent the first half playing on the beach. That afternoon we tried to get to Orlando again. It took us another 8 hours!!! Between car problems and three little kids we finally got there!!! That night I was also bitten by fire ants from my feet all the way to my upper thigh!! I was NOT a happy camper at all. I guess while I was sleeping I kept twitching and saying ow ow. The next morning we all got up and went to Sea World. That was more fun then I thought!! The kids loved looking at all the animals and touching sing rays and feeding the sharks. I took Sean on the Atlantis ride which was a wet one and we got soaked!!!! He told me many times that day that he hated that ride. The next day we all woke up and went to DISNEY WORLD!!!! Both of the kids were super excited!!! We all got there and went first to fantasy land and wen on the snow white ride. We then went on the carasoul and then dumbo!! Finally we went to adventre land and frontire land, there we did pirates of the carribean, robinson family tree house, jungle advebture, and run away train!! The little ones had more fun in toon town on the play grounds and water fun. Then me and my sister took sean on space mountain which scared to crap out of him in line then when we got off he wanted to do it again. That night we got home late and where too tired too swim. The next morning we left and drove 6 hours home. Then we spent to next two days at home and doing my sisiers hair. the trip was a blast and I got to see the "dirty south" from moss trees to swamps to tornados and bad bad bad thunder storms!!!