Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So I see on most peoples blogs a list of their family adn friends, well I want that on mine and how do I do it??? Please help!!!


No we're not trying for a baby, I'm trying to remember to update!!

Well Thanksgiving came and went in a hurry! Of course we were busy with lots of family! My sister Corinn came into town from Idaho. That night as a graduation gift to her I cut and colored her hair and got her some great shampoo and conditioner! I took off about 5 inches worth of hair! That was a lot of fun for me and very brave of Corinn!

As always we did our tradtional gingerbread houses on the saturday after Thanksgiving! We had most of all the grandkids and siblings! It was so much fun! The nephews of course used every candy in their trays and about 3x the amount of frosting as the rest of us! (pics will be coming soon)

Cory is done with school this Saturday!!! On Monday he passed his written exam and he is currently taking his practical exam tonight! His instructors are trying to get the students state certified before Jan. Cory is also really excited to maybe be a part time paramedic EMT. On his ride along he loved it and got to talking to the people about jobs! They all said to apply soon and they would love him on the team!

As for my schooling it's still coming! I'm at about 1200 hours! Only 800 to go! Nothing too knew has happened for me. Which is kinda nice to have a break and just take app.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Im no good at updating!

So now that I have a minute to breath I thought and was told to update my blog! So since halloween my hair show happened! Im so glad it is over! I didnt place but I did make it to the final round! I got to meet some great stylist from Utah, New York, LA, and London! Some where pretty scary! I aslo had a metting with the top dog at nuts and bolts! Jim is from Scottland and sounds just like fat bastard from austin powers! Not only am I on student council at my school I am now in charge of my own task force, I am on conferance calls every month, and I have to sell sell sell sell sell product!! oh and I have to know our schools service menu left and right and get 100% on a test! AND the last thing he wants me to do this month is to participate in the Vidal Sassoon hair show!!! I think the man sees double! I have no idea how this is all going to work out but Im sure going to try!

After the show I wanted a laid back day at school and so Ricky decided I needed PC ( permanant cosmetics)!! So I got my eye liner done! Wow oh wow does it hurt! During the tattooing it wasn't bad I was really really numb but once that wore off, my eyes where soo swollen and red!! Today is day number 2 and they are still swollen but not as bad! Im already starting to peel a little! The only thing I hate is that it looks like I have been crying for a few days and people keep asking if im okay!

As for Cory! He gets to start ride alongs with his school and he is like a kid on thier first day of school he just cannot wait! He only has 4 more weeks of school left until he can get a job doing emt stuff!!! He aslo is starting to get intrest cards form different cities and counties for fire fighting! So far it looks like most of the try outs are in the spring!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So we had a lot of fun on Halloween so I thought I would show some fun pics!!

I went as an 80's jazzercise lady

And Cory was a gay village people person!!

These are all the girls from the party

And these are all the boys! Yes Cory IS posing like that!!!

Just to let everyone know, we are doing great! Cory and I are both in school right now!! Cory is going to EMT school and I'm in hair school. Nothing too exciting has happened to us since the wedding except for Cory's fun trip to the ER in September. His arm is healing GREAT and fast! He still has a brace and can't move his thumb in some way, but for the most part it is fine. That is a picture of what Cory did!

One thing I forgot was that I did make it to the final round of my schools hair show! It will be held at Murray High School at 7:00 pm. I think it is going to be a fun night for everyone not involved. I'm actually a little scared for this round just for the fact I have to interview with the educational director of the Sassoon academy!! That is my wonderful model Keesha dressed up as a hippie aka Janis Joplin.