Friday, January 13, 2012

guess who is one!!

finally got into his cake

thank you aunt lisa for the cake

found his pumpkin

a year ago he wore this outfit... its amazing to see how much he's grown

So its time, i now have a toddler not a baby! and because i wanted him to grow up he did it all in a week! so i have learned he is very very cautious and it took him 11 months 3 weeks and 4 days before he turned 1 to start crawling! but once he got it he got it! he is very busy "crab" crawling around the house. it has been nice having him be more mobile so i can leave his sight and the world hasn't come to an end! BUT it has also been great cardio work out for me! i chase him all day and LOVE when he finally sleeps! But we have also found we have a "sleep crawler" many time we hear him fussing so we go in to check on him and he is crawling around in his crib asleep or he has sat himself up and is confused on what is going on! very very busy boy! but this year he got 2 birthday parties! because of how close his birthday is to Christmas i decided to have only family parties. The Hanson party we did on the 4. because my nephews are so busy with basketball and being 16 we combined Sunday dinner, gingerbread, and birthday all in one night! mack loved his cake once i let him know it was okay to get dirty. it took 3 days to get the blue frosting out of his nose!! then we had the tueller party on his actual birthday the 18! that night was kinda rough for him until he got ice cream and cake! still took him a minute to be okay with the dirty hands. the kid got lots of books and clothes which he has grown out of 90% of them!

Its hard to think that my little man went from 5lbs 5 oz preemie in the nicu to a tall skinny healthy boy! we also got his one year pictures taken and i will add them later!

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