Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remember, remember the 11th of September

So since i don't post much i thought i would post about 9/11 today...

It has been 10 years since i sat in my freshman history class and watched history happen.... A lot in my life has happened with many moments of not thinking about 9/11. this weekend the city of Sandy did an AMAZING! tribute to the fallen of 9/11.

In a patch of grass in downtown sandy they had put up 3031 flags for every person who lost their lives tat sad sad day. it was very overwhelming to see rows and rows of American flags

Cory and mack were reading a tag that is on every flag. the tag gave each flag a name, age, and brief story of the person it represents This is a tag on one flag. Many of these tags brought me to tears.

As part of the tribute they had a "fire ride' which was about1,000-1,500 motorcyclist riding from sandy to ogden with some fire engines in on the ride. again made me cry to see all those people coming together for thousands that they never knew...

the main part of the day was a ceremony to reveal this beautiful bronze statue which was named "hope rising" it was a wonderful statue

this was an enormous flag hanging in front of sandy city hall
As it has been 10 years and many things have happened i feel i am now more mature it has hit me how horrific, sad, etc. 9/11 was. i feel so lucky to have my family all with me and safe. i am more grateful for those who risk their lives everyday to keep me and my family safe and for those who lost loved ones on that horribly sad day... I'll never forget

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