Saturday, July 2, 2011


So this post is going to have lots of pictures and a video!! i finally got most of our pics up on the computer and off our phones!! this last week and a few days has been busy! last Saturday Cory took me and Mack on a fun little hike ! once we made it to the top we found an amazing waterfall and we took family pictures! then on Tuesday Mack went to his six month appointment! the little guy isn't so little! he now weighs 15.8 lbs!!!! he's also 27 inches long! from his 4 month to his 6 month his weight went from the 9% to the 25%!!!! and his length went from the 25% to the 75%!!! putting him on rice and baby food has sure made the difference! now for the pictures!!!

This is mack laughing one night while i made faces at him,...

This is Cory and mack on our way up to the trail head!
me and mack on a tree limb
Cory and mack on the tree
you can kinda see the waterfall behind us
our family picture in front of the waterfall!!! it's amazing how 20 min from our house there is the beautiful waterfall!
just the waterfall
the view from our hike.... it's been a while since just me and Cory took a picture togetherthe man cave!!!
once a week me and mack try to go take a picnic with Cory in a park by the university of Utah. the kid sure loves his mt dew just like his dad! he really really really loved those peach O's as well

this was at his cousins pirate birthday party!!!

my favorite picture in the whole wide world!!!!!!

so this has been our week and i am trying more and more to take pictures and upload!!!


Jessica Marie said...

Great update Steph! Little Mack is so adorable. That last photo is darling! He makes a good pirate. :)

Nicole Thurgood said...

What a fun time with the fam on that hike! Hopefully we'll find time to do that kind of stuff when we're in Utah too... you're baby is growing up! Love it, love it! :)