Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wow we have been busy!!

Well i thought it had only been like a week or two since my last post.. no try three!!! so again i will have lots of pictures and what not.

well mack got to celebrate his first 4th of July! and i think he liked it!! we spent Sunday night at Cory's grandparents house in our tents in their back yard. i was scared mack would be too hot or too cold or not sleep and keep everyone up. well not at all.. he slept like a champ and a few cousins woke up before he did!!! we then got ready for the day and went to the annual Murray parade! he did sleep through about 20 min of it but he didn't miss much! then that night we all hangout in the grandparents front yard and watch the Murray park fireworks! but mack slept through it all, even the loud booms!

Cory and mack at the parade

eating a creamcicle to cool off

waiting for it to get dark for the fireworks

mack has also turned 7 months old. my little baby has grown up so fast!! makes me sad but i LOVE LOVE LOVE this stage of his life. he has learned how to sit up all by himself, and plays with toys all the time. it gives me a nice break to do the dishes or clean up around him. I'm finding that cleaning up only happens at night and by noon the next day the house looks like i didn't touch it! oh well! mack has also started to reach for people and act "shy"... that part i love cause he snuggles into me!

well the 24 of July came and went this last weekend. and for any of you non utardians that means nothing!!! but here in the land of "Zion" it is the celebration of the year! its the most random state holiday that everyone takes so seriously. every year i am grateful to have a reason to take work off and to hang out with family and friends and see more fireworks but i giggle at the fact we are celebrating the pioneers coming to Utah and settling the state of Utah. growing up we never had Idaho day.. i don't even think we learned when Idaho became a state!!!

well this year pioneer day was on Sunday and being a Mormon holiday it was celebrated on Saturday and Monday! so Saturday we did what we did last year and will do from years to come, we went to a salt lake bee's baseball game with our friends and their little girl and new little guy. after the game they have AMAZING fireworks that are better then the 4th. kinda sad but worth watching! we were scared mack wold scream and hate them, but of course he is like his dad and watched them with the biggest eyes. it was also 1130 at night wayyyy past his bed time. but of course he HATES when people cheer. he cried during the whole game but loved the loudest part of the night. then Sunday we went to grandma moss house to celebrate all the July birthdays. then Monday Cory had to work, (hp does not see pioneer day as important) so my sister Nikki, kayleen, melissa and i plus all the kids went on that same hike to the pretty waterfall. the youngest was 3 and they did great on the hike, then after we found some random school and had a picnic. that night we decided to go to the days of 47 rodeo.... BAD BAD BAD idea!!! Mack thought it was too loud and too much cheering. he screamed the whole time and we left early. the minute we got to our car he was all smiles.. naughty!

mack at his first bee's game!!! his look makes me think he was thinking " this is a HUGE bug!"

As for me and Cory nothing too new. Cory's company he works for was bought out by hp and he became an official hp employee. with that we got a nice new laptop and a tiny tiny raise!!!! but with all the meetings and signing up for new benefits and 401k he has gotten a good amount of overtime! yay for us! well here are some pictures and video since our last post!

the boys in their matching "A-Team" softball jerseys

this is mack dieing laughing at his toy elephant

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Nicole Thurgood said...

What a hilarious video! I just wanna eat that little boy up! :)